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Your Guide to Growth & Influence 

We help speakers & trainers grow their influence, and transform more lives. We work with them on their programs & delivery, identify who they can impact the most, design their action plan to connect with the right audience and nurture them into their most loyal advocates. 
In other words, leave the marketing to us, we'll get you your best clients...

Why We Want to Help

We're DigitalMarketer Certified Consultants, members of a select group of skilled agency partners worldwide. Based in Southeast Asia, we understand how to apply DigitalMarketer's tried and proven resources and strategies to small businesses who desperately need it.

Who Is DigitalMarketer?

Who We Serve

Speakers & Trainers

It's a tough job running your courses, personal coaching and STILL find the time to struggle with Facebook posts and LinkedIn profiles to get your message out there.

If you are in the business of transforming lives, we're here to help! As 10+ year industry veterans, we'll guide you through a system to reach a larger audience with the greatest potential to be your best testimonials

Marketing Teams

Marketing is the most challenging, fast-moving, and rewarding field there is. But it does get overwhelming with the number of courses out there (yes, we feel your pain).

We believe in training & education and want to help grow your marketing team! We provide Certifications in the 11 Core Disciplines in Digital Marketing to develop their skills— just ask us how.

What We Do

Our goal is to guide you through the planning and implementation of a system designed to attract your best clients (who don't know about you yet) and lead them to become your most loyal ambassadors.

There's obviously a ton of other strategies in digital marketing that we could do. But we don't try to do everything, we focus on what works best for you.

We work with what you have if it's courses, videos, or articles. We'll work closely to on the best way to deliver that value to the most people with the lowest cost and the least amount of effort - better results for less.

Content Design

We craft customer journeys that lead your customers to the next step in their relationship with you; from visitors to leads, leads to community, community to clients and clients to promoters.

We'll show you how to use your content and create more to get you the highest Conversions & Engagement through a proven & predictable process grounded in science and psychology.

Social Media

The cost of paid advertising on Facebook has skyrocketed (and will continue to double next year) and if you don't know what to do...

We'd love to help you implement Facebook strategies that are not only effective, they won't blow your budget either. 

And if you're not on LinkedIn, we'll show you the right way to do it and how you should be using it as a thought leader.

Automated Email Marketing

It's not the latest or most talked about, but it still wins as the highest ROI marketing activity you can do. It's also most often misused and abused.

We'll work with you to design and build an email marketing machine  works automatically(If this sounds too good to be true, you're probably doing it wrong — and we want to help you fix it)


Who We Are

Joshua Goh

Founder & CEO

Joshua Goh believes that the only investment that is guaranteed is an investment in education and its payoff is transformation. His life's work in the training and development industry for the past 20 years demonstrates his commitment to that ideal. 

This journey has led him to working behind-the-scenes with the most iconic names in the industry – Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Abraham, T. Harv Eker, Ryan Deiss, and Nick Vujicic, to name a few.

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Kenneth Chng

Chief Operations Officer

Kenneth Chng has been the Head of Global Partnerships at Success Resources, the largest seminar organiser in the world. For over 3 years, he led a team to further the business interest of Success Resources, working with partners in India, Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil and across Europe, to name a few.

With keen business acumen, good instincts and valuable insights, Kenneth has been praised by both partners and speakers for his ability to manage and systematise many of the company’s internal processes ranging from accounting to contract management and compliance.

Path Digital Solutions

What We Believe

Our Vision

We exist to empower small businesses through the implementation of digital marketing solutions to multiply their revenue, expand their reach and fulfill their mission.

Our Values



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