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Last updated on August 9, 2022


Email List Growth in 6 Months


Pop-Up Conversion Rate Lift


Increase in Average Order Value

The Challenge

  • Temptations Cakes was using another ecommerce platform that was cumbersome and difficult to use
  • They needed a scalable, affordable solution that would accommodate projected growth
  • Managing website data was a manual, time-consuming process that resulted in gaps in contact information
  • They needed a marketing solution that could allow them to stay in contact with active customers and analyse their behaviour

The Solution

  • Temptations Cakes now seamlessly syncs all customer activities between Shopify and ActiveCampaign, enabling lower costs per order
  • They can easily understand where customers are in the buyers’ journey just by looking at goals set in ActiveCampaign
  • They can now acquire customers more effectively and automatically drive retention marketing campaigns to increase lifetime value
  • They can deliver the right promotion to the right audience by looking at different customer segments based on their engagement level

“We are a legacy homegrown cake shop in Singapore and we faced challenges with managing our website and online store. Path Digital Solutions helped us resolve these issues so our sales wouldn’t be affected.”

The first few months after setting up a new store is usually the toughest. There’s little momentum and it’s a new look that customers aren’t used to seeing. Yet, Temptations saw a healthy bump in their Average Order Value (AOV), which is the first step to higher sales.

Ever since then, sales have been creeping up and smiles have been on everyone’s faces.

About the Client

Temptations Cakes

Temptations Cakes is a legacy homegrown cake shop in Singapore that incorporates world class French baking methods, while localising flavours that Singaporeans love.

Company Size
1-20 employees

Food & Beverage

Facebook Ads

Main Features
Loyalty Programme
Cart Abandon Recovery
Immediate Upsells
Site Tracking

Lydia Kew is the Director of Temptations Cakes, with a purposeful vision to bring high-quality Parisian confections to Singaporeans at accessible prices.

As she began to execute her online strategies, she became stalled by a cumbersome marketing platform that would break down when she ran large campaigns. “It’s a rather simple task – to take orders at scale,” Lydia commented. “but I found Woocommerce difficult to use, despite what they say. The store wasn’t polished and I had no customer insights either.”

Previously, contact data was collected only after someone made an order. Their existing system had no way to follow up with unknown visitors and was reliant on manual, time-consuming processes even if they did have contact information.

Lydia eventually gave up on all that hassle because she had other operations to handle and business development deals to manage. Frustrated with knowing the road ahead, yet not being able to take the first step, Lydia started looking for a new solution that would break her free from the cuffs. She needed:

  • An ecommerce platform that was easy to maintain
  • A scalable, affordable solution that would allow automatic sales so she could focus on important business decisions
  • A marketing strategy that could drive predictable sales and marketing training so they know how to execute
  • A tech stack that could easily integrate with logistics

A/B testing campaigns to improve conversion rates

With thousands of Shopify apps available, you can have full control over customisation of  widgets like popups. These sales tactics can be annoying when used incorrectly, but extremely powerful when done right. 

Split test of new-visitor popup we executed on their home page

By leveraging first party data, Temptations went from transactional and boring to conversational and compelling. For instance, we split tested a campaign’s copy, targeting and timing, to yield a 48.6% jump in pop up conversion rates. That’s more new customer information collected, which we then push directly into ActiveCampaign’s automation to nurture through our funnel.

What we see is a higher order rate over a much shorter period. Customers get the treats they’re looking for, Temptations gets the sales they need. Win-win.

Tagging and engagement workflows for cleaner data

ActiveCampaign has opened up possibilities for campaigns and automations that Temptations couldn’t run before. By leveraging the deep integration ActiveCampaign has with Shopify, Temptations was able to track customer behaviour and engagement levels on Shopify which will trigger the right emails back in ActiveCampaign.

Engagement tagging automation to ensure list hygiene and optimal audience engagement

It’s matching purchase intent with customer behaviour, to drive the desired action. Now, you’ll be engaging with your best customers in a timely fashion, instead of a spray-and-pray “email blast” out to the entire list, hoping that someone will buy something.

By tagging, we segment our customers and send valuable content that customers would like to receive. Using this strategy allows Temptations to maintain a good email deliverability score (aka not seen as a spammer by gmail or applemail) and keep a clean email list of customers who look forward to receiving their emails and love buying their cakes.

Turning regular customers, then into Temptations advocates

Loyalty programmes aren’t new. Everyone understands how it works. You buy something, you earn points, you can offset it in your next order. What most brands don’t do is sync that data with their store and email system to send out segmented offers to bring them back.

Loyalty program to encourage repeat purchases and referrals, but we used these data points back in our automations for personalisation

That’s exactly what we did with Temptations. And let’s just say, customers love it. Because we’re referencing their previous action. That’s once again matching intent with promotion.

Temptations has gone from messy data to gaining visibility to the entire customer journey. We’ve integrated Shopify data with ActiveCampaign, tracking each visitor’s behaviors and engagement. Then, with that same person’s engagement data, we encourage customers to become members.

Making ecommerce easy for small businesses

It seems that Kat is accomplishing her vision of spreading the sweetness throughout Singapore. She’s seeing steady email list growth and building brand recognition. Not only that, but she’s also enabling her internal marketing team to transform one-time website visitors into loyal brand advocates using an easy to manage tech stack that includes Shopify and ActiveCampaign.

For most small brands, looking at multiple dashboards and analysing dozens of metrics is tough. But Path Digital Solutions makes it easy. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. Then we’ll train your team and even give you a manual on how to do it yourself.

Ecommerce growth can be easy. You just have to start with the right tools.