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  • How Royal Interiors Used Ecommerce to 3X Their Physical Showroom Walk-ins During the Pandemic

Last updated on August 9, 2022


Increase in Weekly Store Enquiries


More Showroom Foot Traffic


Growth in Social Audience

The Challenge

  • Needed a solution to reach potential customers without having them travel long distances to the showroom just to see furniture pieces
  • Needed the ability to easily integrate store with POS system
  • Wanted to increase brand visibility and reputation with partners

The Solution

  • Temptations Cakes now seamlessly syncs all customer activities between Shopify and ActiveCampaign, enabling lower costs per order
  • Having an online presence improves discoverability of the store and accessibility to products
  • Allow customers to view products and compare details before arriving in the showroom, increasing sales reps’ win rate
  • Generate backlinks from distributors to grow online brand presence among high intent customers

“The Path Digital Solutions team designed and built our entire store from scratch within 120 days. They even wrote product descriptions, created variants and collections for over 1,000 SKUs. It’s now easier than ever to manage my online inventory.”

About the Client

Royal Interiors
Royal Interiors are leaders in the retail high-end European furniture industry in Singapore. They have been in the business for over 15 years and carry over one-hundred European luxury furniture brands in their eleven-thousand square feet showroom. 

Company Size
11-50 employees

Interior Design/ Home Improvement

Their goal is to thoughtfully integrate high-quality products to produce classy, modern, practical and stylish interiors for their customers, who range from home owners to large scale luxury property developer and business owners with a commercial space.

Suresh Nandwani, founder of Royal Interiors, has become a Shopify fan ever since the Royal Interiors store was built. And for good reason because his Direct-to-consumer (DTC) store has effectively become a new sales channel for him, even though he doesn’t directly focus on store purchases.

The company started using Shopify in 2021 after realising that it was an uphill battle to survive with just a storefront during the COVID-19 pandemic. What made them even more determined to use Shopify was how comprehensive the platform was, particularly its order management, drag and drop page builder and integration capabilities. Even better, the system was easy enough for anyone in the company to use.

“Shopify helped our order management more streamlined. We now only need to look at one platfrom to get everything we need. Ops, finance and marketing, it’s great.” – Suresh

Digital transformation during the pandemic 

Many brick and mortar stores like Royal Interiors are new to the digital business world but smart brands have made the commitment to learning and understanding how Shopify will help their business compete and grow. This commitment to learning created a seamless transition from face-to-face to online operations when the COVID pandemic impacted businesses from early in 2020. 

“We only had basic social media pages as our digital footprint, and what that meant was when we hit the first lockdown, we had to find a new way to do business. Shopify made that happen” commented Suresh.

Now Royal Interiors can showcase their to partner brands and drive backlinks as part of their SEO strategy. It’s a start to growing the brand throughout South East Asia.

Fitting ecommerce into the growth strategy, not making it their only channel

When purchasing big ticket items (some sofas retailing at over $40,000), customers want to see, smell and touch before making a decision. The decision process ends up being significantly longer than the average FMCG product.

The key driver of sales is that customers can look at specs, check out designs and explore options before coming down to our showroom. It acts as a shareable online catalogue that makes buying easier.

But Royal Interiors understands that their ecommerce store isn’t the final touch point. But it’s a crucial discovery and consideration tool.

Within a month of the store being built, Royal Interiors saw a 3x jump in online enquiries, which helped sales reps book appointments for consultations and demos. At the same time, their social following grew by 8%, a sizeable increase for a such a niche audience they’re targeting.

What growth looks like for Royal Interiors

The quick pivot to online was an experiment that worked. Since introducing the online element to their business, walk-ins have increased, appointments have increased and sales reps are finding it easier to sell.

Suresh says they want to continue to experiment and iterate with their marketing and sales to learn what sticks. He plans to introduce a CRM programme soon to manage B2B partnerships and B2C sales.

If you would like to explore the platform that Royal Interiors uses every day to help customers move faster through the buyer’s journey and increase your win rate, speak to our team. We’re more than happy to show you how it can be possible for your brand too.