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  • How HRPP Replatformed from Oddle and Harnessed First-Party Data to Scale

Last updated on August 9, 2022

haig road putu piring ecommerce online store


Increase in Store Conversion Rate


Increase in Average Order Value


Coupon Redemption Rate

The Challenge

  • Needed to grow their audience base among the younger crowd while retaining loyalty from older customers
  • Sales crisis and complete lack of control of data with Oddle. There was no way to follow up with customers or even understand what customers wanted
  • Struggled with high transaction fees and lack of integration capabilities with any other system

The Solution

  • With all their data in one place, HRPP can easily segment their contacts to target the right people with the right message at the right time, growing their audience base and generating website traffic
  • They could now have peace of mind knowing they have a direct relationship with customers and won’t be vulnerable to price hikes by vendors or customisation limitations by platforms
  • Uses powerful automation to provide personalized 1-to-1 communications at scale with a tiny but mighty marketing team of one
  • Using forms and automation, they save time on routine tasks, freeing up time to focus on the business

“The Path Digital Solutions team completely transitioned our business to a stable platform with systems we could control. We were late to the game of customer relationship management but we’re glad we started.”

About the Client

Haig Road Putu Piring
Haig Road Putu Piring (HRPP) has been bringing bite-sized little chunks of happiness to Singaporeans since 1985. (Putu piring are steamed rice cakes.)

Company Size
11-50 employees

Food & Beverage


Main Features
Zero-Party Data Collection
Cart Abandon Recovery
Loyalty Programme
Immediate Upsells
Site Tracking

HRPP wants to turn their food from just another snack, into tasty gifts of happiness, and that’s why they started a movement Donate Happiness.

What started out as an experimentation campaign eventually turned into a new direction that HRPP would take on. HRPP aims to show people that even a small gift such as putu pirings can bring a smile to someone in need of a little more happiness. All, in fun, not-too-serious ways. In order to do that, they needed to revamp their DTC infrastructure.

HRPP has 4 stores peppered across the country. Considering that most of the team is dedicated to operations, there’s little manpower left to handle marketing and manage online customers.

Using the iconic duo – Shopify and Klaviyo, allowed their small team to work toward their aggressive growth goals and manoeuvre in the crowded online space.

Within 90 days of launching their new Shopify store, the HRPP team quickly saw the benefits of having a domain of their own and having a platform they had full control over.

Average order values were increasing because of one-click upsell capabilities, add-to-cart rate was higher because of optimised CTA, visual and copy placements, customers were coming back because of beautiful emails and personalised offers delivered to their inbox.

Targeting the right audience

In the beginning, HRPP had a weak connection with theur customer base. The relationship belonged to their previous platform, Oddle. Their subsequent venture with Ninja OS was not much better, considering they still didn’t have much control over customer communications.

It was critical for the company to build it back from scratch and grow a list of contacts to start nurturing potential customers toward their first purchase.

The first course of action was data collection through conversational pop ups. With multi-step forms in Klaviyo, our objective was collecting zero-party data (aka data the customers willing give us). It is a form of qualitative data.

It starts by asking the right questions to get live insights into customers who have the highest purchase intent.

Most people would say having multiple steps and multiple fields would increase website friction and reduce the conversion rate. Well, we saw a 4% opt-in rate with 83% completion rate for this 5 step pop-up.

With this non-confrontational, human approach, we even saw up to 23% coupon redemption rate, far higher than the industry benchmark of 2-15%.

So the point of effectiveness, it might be against “best practices”, but it comes down to execution and understanding of your audience.

This data allowed us to drop people into custom flows, and retarget them via ads, craft better messaging and adjust my visuals to suit customers’ preferences. That’s the essence of true personalisation and HRPP’s first step to building deeper relationships with their customers.

Making it easy for customers to navigate and come back

A crucial aspect of building a business and giving customers a reason to repurchase is product line expansion. The HRPP team targets to create one new product every quarter. Previously with the old system, it was cumbersome to add new products and manage inventory.

With Shopify’s easy to use order management system, the ops team could adjust inventory numbers and add new products and variants in seconds, without the need for external help. When running large scale promotions, Shopify wouldn’t crash, unlike other basic ecommerce builders such as Woocommerce. 

Selling on Shopify also meant that HRPP could close to 1% in transaction fees that Oddle would normally charge on every order. Savings like these made their accountants smile, further reinforcing that the migration was worth the effort.

Meeting customer expectations as a small business

The other crucial puzzle piece was meeting customer expectations as a small team. HRPP knows their target customer expects a relevant, personalised experience. 

They just needed strong automation to run their marketing activities, so they could get as close to the customer as possible. They wanted to make each person feel like their most important customer with personalised content and tailored recommendations.

Our team set out to help them achieve this by optimising follow-up messages with customers post-purchase. We use post-purchase flows in the drag-and-drop email builder based on the product purchased and whether the customer was a first time customer or repeat customer. We want to make customers excited about the product they just bought and reduce buyer’s remorse.

Product-specific post-purchase flow for ecommerce

Optimising throughout the customer journey

HRPP relies on other data collected across the entire customer lifecycle—including abandoned cart rates, customer service inquiries, and how frequently contacts engage with her communications—to reach the right people with the right communications at the right time.  

Looking back from where they started, a simple roadside stall became an online shop made of straw and is now a mansion being built into a fortress. Thanks to Shopify and Klaviyo CRM, they can connect with their customers and build their business in a scalable way.