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Last updated on August 9, 2022



Tailored Experiences Handled Automatically

The Challenge

  • Customers didn’t know what they wanted and what best suited them
  • Wanted a self-service stylist so customers wouldn’t feel pressured to purchase
  • Struggled to handle manage online tailoring appointments and enquiries about online store

The Solution

  • Deliver curated offerings to assist in the customer buying journey.
  • Integrated Shopify and Manychat for enriched ecommerce data, providing key insights into offline and online order activity
  • Quiz bot was able to segment customers, revealing purchase drivers for customers for better messaging and targeting

About the Client

AGT Basics
AGT Basics is a new, made-on-demand collection from Singapore’s first mobile showroom tailor, A Gentleman’s Tale.

Company Size
1-10 employees

Clothing, Fashion & Accessories

Facebook Custom Audiences

Main Features
Cart Abandon Recovery
Loyalty Programme
Site Tracking

The global pandemic presented a new opportunity for A Gentleman’s Tale to create a collection that embraces the new norm on how we dress – for work and for play. AGT Basics injects fun, colours, and personal style into what we see as the new office fashion. 

From short-sleeved shirts to berms, AGT Basics introduces colourful fabrics and design twists that make each piece unique from the ubiquitous off-the-rack look. You can easily choose from a selection that not only looks professional for work, but sophisticated for a casual outing.

AGT Basics started in 2020, when the founders of the company, Kenneth and Lyn wanted to continue doing what they did best, tailoring, but serving customers at scale.

Founders of AGT Basics, showcasing their new line of shirts

Seasonal designs and limited quantities of Italian Leggiuno fabric shipped in meant prices were going to be higher than regular off-the-shelf shirts. Exceptional quality needed to be paired with exceptional personalised service. But how would you do that online?

Helping customers win when buying shirts

A major shift is underway for online stores. Thanks to new technologies that provide regular, low-friction, personalised interactions, digital retailers can build more meaningful bonds with customers than ever before. Customers get a significantly better experience, and companies boost operations while lowering costs. It’s a win-win. 

Buying shirts online can be overwhelming for buyers who have a lot of options. Combing through an uncurated set of shirts can lead to decision paralysis (when there are too many choices that you end up not making any decision) and customers abandoning their potential purchase.

The chatbot helps discovers which category users are most interested in

We saw an opportunity to address this problem in AGT Basics’ online store. We could provide a carousel of curated designs and fits based on responses to a short quiz. These curated offerings, which incorporate customers’ own insights, gave customers the reassurance and confidence they needed to make the best purchase. 

In order to do that, we started by determining what data points needed to be collected and what was essential in recommending the best products.

Collecting data points to make product recommendations

Using conditional logic, the bot recommends curated designs at the end of each customer’s quiz in Messenger. This is a snapshot of how complex our logic can go in order to ensure each user gets the right recommendation.

Conditional logic in Manychat’s flow builder for chatbot quiz

Creating a Messenger-based lead funnel

We designed a simple AGT Basics a simple three-step process inside Messenger to help move leads quicker through the customer journey:

Step 1: Ask visitors a question

Most human-to-human conversations start by asking a question or offering help. The first conversation with an online prospect should be no different.

Messenger chat widget pops out on home page upon 10sec time on page, then directs users into a pre-determined chatbot flow

Using phrases like “can we help” and “would you like to” have shown much higher open rates than phrases like, “are you interested?”. Remember, it’s not so much about what you ask, rather, it’s about how you ask it.

Step 2: Offer valuable content without asking for anything in return

The next step was asking relevant questions and offering new visitors valuable content to start building a closer relationship.

Many playbooks will tell you that you need to capture visitor information like first name and email. But we decided not to, for one simple reason; customers were there to get guidance

Step 3: Show products with native add to cart function 

Manychat is made more powerful with its deep integration with Shopify. Stores are able to pull product catalogues directly into the customer chat to make it a seamless checkout experience.

24/7 customer support = happier customers

Now that everything is handled automatically, it relieves a  load on the AGT Basics team. There’s no need to constantly be on your phone or computer waiting for customer enquiries. 67% of responses were handled by the bot within seconds.

In the meantime, customers are getting faster response times with appropriate responses to their queries almost immediately. Even better, customers who use live chat spend up to 60% more per purchase than those who don’t.

If you would like to explore the platform that AGT Basics uses every day to deliver the right content at the right time to each individual at every point in their customer journey, try our own chatbot, Pathbot!