rong yao


Any Small and Medium Enterprise with the right plan, tactics, and execution can in time, grow to be Multi-National Corporations.

Rong Yao came to that realization after spending many hours consulting in MNC boardrooms, helping his clients expand and multiply their net worth. He also realized that it wasn’t what brought him the greatest joy and excitement. After careful deliberation, Rong Yao decided to apply his experience with MNCs to an SME-friendly consultancy.

Today, Rong Yao is the lead consultant for Robin Advisory & Analytics Pte Ltd (Robin AA) and one of only 25 Expert Level Certified Management Consultants in Singapore. A boutique outfit comprising of highly trained, experienced and specialized field experts. Robin AA was put together with the sole purpose of bridging the knowledge resource gap between MNCs and SMEs.

Rong Yao has been cited as an analytics protégé by his clients, and he gets raving reviews with each successful execution. During his first few months as an independent consultant, his meticulous nature paid huge dividends.

In the form of asset performance increase, he has supported post-acquisition companies with integration via change management coaching, companies who wanted to expand regionally through clear marketing strategy and positioning and countless others with successful go-to-market business roadmaps and in one case, managed over RM$1 Billion of assets.

Rong Yao found his calling quickly in the realm of Economics & Analytics and considers the commencement of his education at the point when he started to teach Economics in the Department of Economics at Monash University, Australia.

Upon graduation, the Golden Key Member (Top 15%) of Monash University was roped into Ernst & Yong Advisory, a tenure where his was instrumental in drafting proposals & tenders for his high-profile clients. This young analyst delivered disproportional success to his clients such as executing risk profile reduction exercises for a multi-billion-dollar property developer and planning growth roadmaps for them. Other wins include developing business strategies for an Asian industrial conglomerate ($700 million market cap) and boosting group wide customer service by 30% in 3 months for Fraser Centrepoint Malls.

After his successful tenure at EY, Rong Yao led various projects in the International Policy & Resource Development Department at the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). There, he promoted Singapore’s interests executing exercises such as cost-benefit analysis for government policies and investment projects. Notable wins include reducing clients’ business cost by over S$20 million within four months.

Adopting a holistic view of business requires a consultant to understand that reducing costs and creating new revenue streams are two sides of the same coin of success, and Rong Yao has experience in both areas across a breadth of industries.