Ken sapp

Ken Sapp jumped headfirst into the digital world in the early 1980's - programming his apple IIe computer in hexadecimal assembly code. While still a teenager, he went on to co-host a dial-up Bulletin Board System (BBS) and was an avid user of Usenet, predecessors of the the modern internet.

As an early adopter of IT for the past 40+ years, he has continued to be on the forefront of the latest digital trends including software development, website technologies, internet marketing, content creation, mobile apps, cryptocurrency mining and trading, and more recently, Play-to-Earn games and NFTs. He’s also a certified Digital Marketer and director of a successful local Digital Marketing company specializing in marketing automation. He personally owns a successful Internet Business that makes up to US$3,000/month on autopilot.

With a degree in organization communication, Ken is known a respected trainer who is able to simplify complicated ideas and technologies so that anyone can understand them.