Josh tay

HEAD of marketing strategy

Josh took his first steps towards making digital marketing his career with his role as a content strategist in the fitness, health and wellness space. A few months in, he joined one of Singapore’s most prestigious beauty and grooming brands as a copywriter. There, he learned that it’s not the product that sells; it’s the transformation it brings that sells itself.

Currently, Josh is the Head of Marketing Strategy at Path Digital Solutions, an ecommerce growth agency geared towards doubling the size of ecommerce brands.

He leads growth for Shopify store owners through email marketing, chatbot marketing, & customer value optimisation and ensures merchants are getting the conversions they need to build an ecommerce empire. He is also a full-stack digital marketer and copywriter with expertise planning and executing marketing plays that outperform the industry.

His dedication to results echoes through wherever he is. During office hours, you’ll find him hard at work at his desk helping clients smash their business goals. After hours, he’ll be hard at work in the gym breaking personal records. So whether you’re a 6-figure Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brand or a 8 figure market leader straddling multiple online-offline platforms, you’re in good hands.